The brand new Nintendo Labo only on Switch

The Nintendo Labo is a brand new toy platform which merges construction and gaming to be used with the Nintendo Switch Console. It uses kits that include cardboard cut-outs that need to be built up to be used with the Switch Console’s Screen and the Joy-Con Controllers which then become “Toy-Cons”. The Toy-Cons then interact with games on the Switch and you can then use them as controllers. At the moment you can build Remote Controlled Cars, Fishing Rods, Pianos, Motorbikes and a Cardboard house which interacts with the screen for each room.

All of the construction is made simple with the step by step guide that comes on the cartridge making it enjoyable for all ages. Once you have built your Toy-Cons you can colour them in, use stickers and customise them however you wish!

You can see our range of Nintendo Labo Kits below

Nintendo Switch - Anywhere, Anytime!

The Nintendo Switch is the first hybrid console of it’s kind. You can play it in 3 different ways (tablet, tabletop and TV) meaning you can play just about anywhere at anytime!